eCommerce has lost sight of the people at its heart—the customer. After working with the world’s biggest retailers for 15 years, David Mannheim (author of The Person in Personalisation, founder of Made With Intent) wants to change this.

Through solo shows and guest conversations, you’ll hear eCommerce leaders share how they intend to break the status quo gripping online retail. The lack of care. The short-sightedness. The sea of sameness.

Each 20-minute episode centres on the sharing of a statement of intent—A personal promise or guiding principle. It’s a vulnerable yet fun source of solidarity for weary commerce marketers who want to change things for the better.

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14 | What Online Retailers Can Learn From Physical Retailers with Richard Chapple

In this episode, host David Mannheim talks to Richard Chappell, Chief Growth Officer & Co-founder of The Growth Foundation, about the importance of replicating the in-...

13 | How eCommerce Neglects 40% of Society with Janis Thomas

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12 | Why Personalisation Requires More Than Surfacing Content with Tom Bailey

This week on Statements of Intent, we dive into how personalisation is really about supporting customers' desired intent. Our guest Tom Bailey, VP Product Analytics at...

Episode 11 | "Put Yourself In The Customer's Shoes" - Cameron Goldie | Statements of Intent Podcast

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Episode 10 | "Reinvent Customer Journeys and Metrics" - Sienne Veit | Statements of Intent Podcast

In this episode, David Mannheim sits down with Sienne Veit, Founder & Chief Product Officer at Invisible Stuff.Through 20 years in global and UK retail and technology ...

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